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Who: Everyone
What: Going' to town.
Why: She wants to avoid Sesshy.

Downtown!Collapse )
Who: Itachi and Abel
What: Abel's in Itachi's house
Where: Itachi's house
When: Night time
Why: Cause Abel is a snoop
Note: Red= Itachi    Grey=Abel

Get out of my house!Collapse )


Who: Itachi, Sesshomaru, Mio
What: discussing business
Where: Itachi's estate then Sesshomaru's Mansion
When:  Late after the gun shots
Why:  Itachi needs pawns allies

No one knows the trouble I've seen.......Collapse )
Who: Abel (Kioko is in it becuase she was contacted to die in his dream)
What: insane nightmares...
Where: an inn and Abel's room

Like a dream sent straight from hell...Collapse )
Who: Anyone, starts with Abel and Kioko though
What: Kioko has an odd secret
Where: The edge of town
When: Late one night
Why: Because someones framing the girl

The smell of blood was strong....Collapse )
Who: Mio & Sesshomaru
What: They meet, and Sesshomaru gets a new room mate
Where: An inn, Sesshimaru's mansion, a diner, and the edge of town
When: Late morning to early afternoon (it takes place before the RP thats going on in the forest)
Why: Because we all need an ally that we can use to our own advantage helping hand from time to time

It's written more like a story than an RP, but whatever.Collapse )
Who: anyone
what: someones causing trouble
Where: Forest
Why: Cause we can!

....Collapse )
Apply here!Collapse )